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Raven's way is a cocktail of fact and fiction because the author, Vasyl Shkliar, has used authentic KGB reports to piece together the stories of the warriors who lived in underground tunnels, and whose tactics foreshadowed the Vietcong's use of subterranean passages many years later. The authorities in the Soviet Union prohibited any mention of the Cossacks' names, but they lived on in stories whispered furtively, and police files. Raven's Way grips the reader from the first page and tells the story of one of Europe's most remarkable resistance movements for the first time.

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Published by Poetry Salzburg

Published by PRO

Published by PRO

Kaharlyk by Oleh Shynkarenko

Kahar lyk began on Facebook as a series of bulletins from an alternative reality and is written entirely in blocks of 100 words. Andrei Kurkov, author of 'Death and the Penquin' (Penquin Publications), described it as a 'hologrammatic' novel The book is set in Ukraine after a war with Russia. A man has lost his memory because the Russian military have used his brain to control military satellites. He regains conciousness in a mysterious hospital-like building and begins a pilgrimage to find his past. Kaharlyk has featured in Index on Censorship, The Economist and The Guardian. We were able to translated and publish this novel because of the kind donations from our backers through our Kickstarter bid. We thank you all, and Euromaidan Press and Friends of Ukraine Network for your support.

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Realm of Darkness by Dr. Yuriy Shcherbak.

Ihor Haiduk wakes to find he is being observed by a drone. Why? Who is watching him? Do they want to kill him? Does it have something to do with his sudden promotion and recall to Ukraine? While fleeing from the White House to Ukraine, via Canada, he turns on the news to find his colleague had been killed and the police suspect Haiduk is the murderer. Will Haiduk be able to evade capture so he can save the world?

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The Grief of the Madonna

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