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Night Music

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Night Music


Night Music is a selection of Bohdan Ihor Antonych’s poems rendered into English by British Ukrainian poet Steve Komarnyckyj. Antonych was one of the most gifted European poets of last century. His work has a fevered energetic imagery reminiscent of Dylan Thomas.Steve Komarnyckyj’s poetic translations capture much of the febrile inventiveness of this crazy pagan poet and will captivate English readers.


Sing a Duet with Antonych here. Walk with him through a nocturnal forest filled with pagan Gods here.  Join us on a crazy ride through his psychedelic, pagan Ukraine. And spend a minute basking in a Carpathian forest in a primal summer .. and check out where you can buy this book through the links on the right.



Kalyna Language Press is grateful to English PEN who supported the translation of this book via the PEN Translates programme.

Publication Date: 5 October 2016

ISBN:  9780993197277

125 pages

Primal Summer




We bathe in the pine sea

In the murmur of pines, their song,

Above us a starless sky,

A roof of slender tree crowns

Respiring deeply.

Trunks glide away.


You feel beneath your footstep

Things grow green and fragrant.


Here we desire nothing more,

Sleep swaddled in moss,

In nature’s primal dusk,

Ancient depths where we are fallen.


Let the dense sap seethe

In our body, as in the pines,

Let there be languid green in our veins,

Let the flame fade to azure.




We grow in the earth like the pines,

The banners of the forest flapping,

Plant juice, green blood,

Flows in our lethargic veins,

Legs thrust roots into clay,

Pine needles from palms sprout,

Bees settle on our eyes, sip

Honey from them as flowers.


Blood is no more, is heavy oil

That splashes in our hardening centre,

Like a raspberry, dream ripens

Sweet, ardent and drunken.


You grow by the edge of the road,

A crimson bush amidst silence,

Broken only by an antelope,

A slender legged loner seeking

A timid roe.

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