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Raven's Way

Winner of the 2011 Shevchenko Prize now available in English


Raven's Way, Kalyna Language Press's translation of the bestselling Ukrainian novel of all time, Чорний Ворон by Vasyl Shkliar is now available. The novel brings to light the desperate resistance of a guerilla army that fought until 1926, conducting daring attacks on Soviet forces and concealing themselves in underground lairs that could hold hundreds of Cossacks.


In 1921, after four years of war, the Bolsheviks conquer Ukraine, but Raven and Veremii hide in the forests with other Cossacks and continue their struggle. When Veremii dies in battle, the communists secretly follow the burial party, but when they dig up the coffin they find a cryptic note instead of a corpse.


Meanwhile, Raven thinks he is dead when a grenade blows him off his horse, so is surprised to wake up in Yevdosia's house ... that night a woman appears in his dreams and makes love to him, only to disappear and leave him with the scent of orchids. While riding back to his camp he meets his old comrade, Dosia, a beautiful Cossack girl, and they have a brief conversation in the snowy forest. When they part she throws him her cap as a keepsake, and when he presses it to his face he inhales the fragrance of orchids ...                                                                


Eat a raw crow with Raven here or, if you can't stomach that, ride with him through the snow or join him as he captures a Bolshevik boss.





          Vasyl Shkliar

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