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The first ever artistic translation of Tychyna's poetry in the tradition of Robert Lowell. The book's extraordinary power was noted by John Gosslee, editor of Fjords Arts and Literary Review, who said, "Komarnyckyj's attentive treatment of Tychyna's poems reads like a symphony. The transcendent ideals of a twentieth-century poet's struggle during Eastern Europe's transition into Communism are channelled through Komarnyckyj's keen ear. Tychyna's themes are adapted to an English audience through a patient sensitivity to word choice with a rhythm that makes the poems resonate long after they have been read."
The Raspberry's Eyelash
Pavlo Tychyna's great  poem in Ukrainian, French, English, Georgian and Russian, with illustrations by Valeri Franchuk. This book is the fruit of an innovative project which drew together four translators and a famous Ukrainian artist. "The Grief of the Madonna" can be read as an elegy for the twentieth century and speaks directly to each of us about the human condition. The poem and introduction are presented in Ukrainian, Russian, English, French and Georgian.
The Grief of the Madonna
A selection of Pavlo Tychyna's poems in Ukrainian and in Stephen Komarnyckyj's impressionistic English translations, which capture the power and beauty of the original. The book also includes a foreword and an interview with the translator. Sean Street, the renowned poet and broadcaster, described these poems as a "revelation" and, reviewing an edition of Modern Poetry in Translation in The Guardian, Charles Bembridge said, "What stands out are the extraordinarily delicate and hopeful lyrics written by Tychyna."
Where the Poplar Grows